Bow tie with dots for husband and boyfriend

Spotted 60s. Bow Tie

Bow ties For men

  • klasyczna mucha w groszki od Edyty Kleist
  • biała mucha w groszki czyli prezent dla dziadka
  • upominek dla męża – mucha w groszki

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The classic, appropriate for every occasion.

Black dots on white fabric is classic of the genre, and classic – it also an elegance. Choose universal accessory for men and put on Dotted 60s bow tie and shine! This exclusive element of men's wardrobe was designed for a stylish men and gentlemans regardless of age.

Classic dotted bow tie

You're looking for a gift for grandfather or father? Bow tie with dots is the best gift idea – fits all elegant and casual stylizations. My newest project will help the senior to remind him his teenage years.

bow tie: ready to wear bow tie(fastened with a small clip)
material: bow ties are made only from the high quality cotton
bow tie size: 6x12cm - adjustable belt, fit every neck
box: stylish carton box, perfect gift